Reading Fc Tour

On April 9 2017 I went on a Reading fc tour because it was my friends party. I had a fun time and I wanted to share the experience with you guys, I hope you enjoy it.

When I first got to the stadium I had to go to the Reading fc training dome where we played football. We trained with reading football staff who we played football with. At the end we spit into two teams and played a match my team lost.

Then we headed into the reading stadium and checked out a lot of rooms my favorite room was the locker room, this is  where the players change. then  We went into the trophy room that was fun, we went into the the VIP lounge and saw the chairs were the owner and other famous people sit, it was so comfy!

We went out onto the football grounds we saw the mangers chair, I sat in the substitutes chair it was huge. We weren’t allowed to go on the grass, I would have loved to have walked on it!  We walked back safely to the training dome and got party bags 🙂



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