Ramadhan workshop

I went to a Ramadan workshop in the half term with one of my sisters. It was quite fun we did lots of activities, it was 5 hours which was a little bit long for kids but they did a fantastic job and I loved it! My favorite part was going to the park my second favorite activity was cooking these cake things, I should make them at home.

The people did a very good job at helping the kids making sure they were safe I think this was the best Ramadan workshop ever!  I also liked making book clips as I like writing and drawing.  They also told us a story when we cooked and then we decorated jars but I smudged mine.

Our teacher read things in Arabic and we all had four cards each, if the card she read out was ours we would flip it around and if we flipped all four of them we would get to choose a sweet. I enjoyed the lollipop!

 We also made a Ramadan calendar which I think would be useful for me to use in Ramadan.  Then we had lunch outside and I played football with my friend’s.

Today I am ill (just saying!).

I hope you guys liked my blog please follow thank you The End happy-ramadan-messages


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