London science museum

I  went on a trip to the London science museum with my friends and my sisters it was amazing! You could see all  the science behind everything,  we did not have enough time to look all of it.  I went to the science museum when I was younger and I got lost for  about 20 minutes!   However, I am 9 year sold now and I  don’t really get lost.

We looked at this new section called the wonder lab,it was amazing there were things that blew my mind it was so much  fun to actually  explore  the science Museum.  There was a piece of the moon that was amazing it was in a very big tube.

There was a show in the wonder lab about electricity me and my friends were the only volunteers, it was very cool. I would like to look at the whole science museum but that would take a whole day.

We had lots of fun travelling to the science museum, we went on the  train me and my friend were walking so slow we nearly missed the  tube but my friends  mum grabbed us it literally  going to close, we were thankful we made it!

We were all tired and hungry and we went to Edgware Road to eat dinner and got home quite late!

Thank you for reading my blog . Here are some pictures.



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