My cats

We had a cat called Ruby she was a very shy cat and very strong! She always used to climb trees and play with me. We got her when she was a kitten, my aunty gave her as a present. She had babies under my bed! We gave her food and water under the bed. She taught the kittens how to climb, run and catch things. The kittens names were sonic (he was my favourite) he was so fast that’s why we called him Sonic. Mario was really fat that’s why we called him Mario. He would eat all the food and sometimes he would steal the other kitten’s food. Next was catness she was the only girl kitten, she loved stamping on our homework and watching TV with us. She was the cutest kitten. My mum did not want any more cats so we had to give them away which was really really sad.

The picture is of Ruby under my bed!

ruby andbabies.png

Ruby went missing before my sisters birthday, we made missing cat posters with her picture on. My sister saw a black and white cat in our front garden, she went outside to check if it was her. It was her she had been knocked over or eaten by a fox. My dad buried her in the night, it was raining that night. I felt really sad that Ruby died.

In 2014 my mum got another kitten, we called her Coco she is a tabby cat. She reminds me of catness. She is now a big massive fluffy cat, her tail used to be the size of a mouse but now it looks like a giant dogs tail. She loves sleeping and playing with us. She sometimes brings presents into the house! She loves jumping min empty bags and rubbish bags too.

She is so strong she can knock over a 5 litre bottle over. She loves chasing things and goes crazy, she loves pushing open all the doors in the house, even the bathroom door. Now she is 3 years old. I love Coco most of the time….

baby coco.png


3 thoughts on “My cats

  1. Ruby was a beautiful cat and you gave her a good life she was very happy.
    The kittens were a handful and Mario (billy) loved his food I tried to put him on a diet but he made friends with the neighbours, he was a very friendly cat and he would go to the neighbours for food, he was very cheeky☺ love the picture of ruby under the bed with her babies..coco is lovely too, she is very loving and friendly, this is a great blog welldone umar☺

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  2. I used to look after Ruby, she was such a beautiful cat. I cried when Ruby died and I sill miss her today.
    Well done Umar carry on writing, I enjoy writing too maybe one day you can be an author.


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