BFG and roald dahl

As part of the film festival we watched bfg (it stand’s for big friendly giant) it was directed by Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson. Steven Spielberg is an american he is a famous film directer and directed Indiana Jones and Casper, Jurassic Park, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, The Adventures of Tintin and many more films. Tintin is  my favourite film and war horse too.  He makes lots of his film’s with Peter Jackson who directed lord of the rings and hobbit. There are a lot of a famous authors and  directors J.K Rowling, Roald Dahl, Peter Jackson, George Lucas, John Capeter and Paul Thomas Anderson.

Now lets get back to bfg! I think it was a very creative film and it was such a great film it’s But I think it’s just one of those film’s that you should watch once! The giant in the film was my favourite character even though the girl Sophie was very intelligent. Bfg was really funny and sometimes he was a little dumb! I did not like the other giants because they were rude. My favourite part was when Bfg was in the Queen’s palace and they ate yummy food. Bfg gave them his drink, the bottle snugger, the bubbles were going downwards so the wind went downwards when they all drank. They all drank the bottle snugger and they all farted!

Roald Dahl has actually written a book about bfg in 1982 and basically made bfg the cartoon in 1989 this is the reason the movie was made. He was born 1916 and died 1990 he was 74 when he died and one year before he died he made the cartoon of bfg .

Here are some picture of the new film and on top of it is the cartoon that Roald Dahl made in 1989.

Write in the comments below if you have watched bfg and what you thought of it.




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